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Organic Small-Batch Fertilizer

Beafy Leaf

Beafy Leaf fertilizer is everything you want in plant supplements - 100% organic, nutritious, eco-friendly and hassle free. This fertilizer is carefully handmade with natural ingredients, from natural minerals to dried fruit peels and shells: zero chemical elements have been added. Perfect for growing vegan veggie & fruit plants at home!

Apply a small spoonful evenly on the topsoil, gently mix into soil and water right after the application. Repeat once every 2 weeks on average, though each plant will have varying suggestions depends on volume. For transplanting and new seeds planting, mix 1-2 spoon full amount with soil before planting. Note: This product does not mitigate plant disease or ailments.

Eggshell powder, dried coffee grounds, dried banana powder peels, oyster shell powder, epsom salt, phosphate rock, mineral rock dust.

Size: 3.4"(L)x 3.4"(W) x 4.2"(H)
pH is adjusted as neutral (7.0) for an ease of use.


About Beafy Leaf

Beafy Leaf plant supplements are handmade in Beafy Leaf's rooftop garden in Brooklyn, New York using all natural ingredients. We support the environment by donating 10% of our profits to rain forest preservation initiatives in Central America.

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