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Heirloom Seed Starter Kit

Packet PVD

Nothing makes your meal taste better than the sweet satisfaction of knowing you grew the ingredients yourself. These heirloom seed grow kits make it easy to start your own indoor garden, allowing you to flaunt both your cooking skills and your green thumb to family and friends. The wooden crate is the perfect size to hold and display your seedlings in your kitchen or on your window sill. As they grow, simply transfer to a larger pot or an outdoor garden.

Each kit includes:

  • 4 types of heirloom seeds in paper envelopes (globe basil, zucchini, cherry tomato and lemon mint)
  • 4 biodegradable folded paper pots for starting the seeds
  • Seed starting soil
  • 1 wooden crate
  • Growing instructions and delicious harvest recipes

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